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How to Obtain a Bail Bond in the State of Virginia

Once a defendant is arrested and transported to the jail, the defendant will appear before the magistrate for a magistrate arraignment. At this time, the magistrate will make a determination as to the bond. If the magistrate makes the determination to hold the defendant without bond, and if this is a General District or Juvenile & Domestic Relations charge, the defendant will be arraigned on the next business day by a Judge for review of the bond. The time may vary with Circuit Court cases before the defendant is taken before the Judge.
An Unsecured/Personal Recognizance (PR) bond does not require the assistance of a bail bondsman. If a secured bond is issued, the defendant has the choice of either 1) placing the entire bond amount with the Court as surety of appearance for all future court dates or 2) obtaining the services of a bail bondsman to post the surety. In this instance, the bondsman requires a 10% premium of the total bond to post the bond for the defendant. The 10% premium is required by Virginia law.
In most cases, payment plans are available with Elite Bail Bonds.
Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

If the case is finalized prior to payment in full, all outstanding payments on the bond are still due.

If the defendant’s bond is revoked by the Court or Elite Bail Bonds for good cause, any remaining balance of premium is still due.